School Technology Acceptable Use Policy

This policy is intended to explain what privileges and responsibilities are associated with the use of technology and digital materials from the school library. Use of school technology is a privilege that can be taken away if a student promotes or conducts inappropriate behavior with school technology. Computers, tablets, virtual reality headsets, and any other digital access materials are intended for educational purposes and should be used for research, school assignments, and communication.

Mobile Devices and Tablets

Personal mobile devices, e-readers, and tablets are allowed at school, as we recognize the educational value and the common use of these items. Personal digital devices must be used in accordance with the same rules that apply to school-owned devices. The school is not responsible for lost, broken, or stolen devices.

Computer Care

In order to continue to provide digital tools to our students, we ask that everyone treat computers, tablets, etc with diligence and care. Any damaged or otherwise unusable device must be reported immediately so that the problem can be addressed and necessary repairs and/or replacements can be made.

Internet Access

Secure wireless internet is provided to staff, faculty, and students at our school. We believe that internet access contributes to the learning environment. It is the responsibility of the students and their parents to discuss what is acceptable use and set guidelines for the student’s internet browsing. Parents and students will each digitally sign the Acceptable Use Policy agreeing to such.

Student Privacy

Although each student has their own computer login and cloud-based storage through the school, this information is not private. School administration and staff reserve the right to view and modify any information stored that contains inappropriate, dangerous, or illegal content within without prior notice. Any illegal content will be reported to the appropriate authorities.

The following violations can result in withdrawal of permission to use school-owned technology, suspension, expulsion, and/or report to the appropriate authorities when necessary.

  • Creating, sharing, or downloading obscene or pornographic materials.
  • Creating, sharing, or downloading materials that are racists or otherwise deemed hate speech.
  • Intentionally damaging school-owned technology.
  • Violation of copyright laws, particularly in regards to file sharing.
  • Using another student’s username and password or modifying data on another student’s account without their permission.
  • Using school-owned technology or school-provided internet for personal financial gain.
  • Sharing or downloading media content or software through BitTorrent or any other file sharing platform.
  • Inappropriate use of social media.
  • Using proxy servers and VPNs to go around school network restrictions.
  • Cyber-bullying.


The above was adapted from “Elementary School Acceptable Use Policy” (2017). Wildwood School. Retrieved on October 20th from