Welcome! Below is a curation of six lesson plans, two for each grade level, that can be used to teach digital citizenship in the library and classroom. These lesson plans have been collected from across the internet and links are provided.

High School Lesson Plans: 

Fact or Fiction? Evaluating Media in a “Post-Truth” World

By: Melissa Zimdars

Resource: https://www.oercommons.org/courseware/lesson/26674/overview

Description: A six task lesson plan that goes in depth into what constitutes fake news, how to determine the veracity of information found online, and how to become responsible consumers of information. This resource is designed for high school learners.

Privacy and Security for Teens

By: MDSE Administration, Tracy Kramer, and Alyssa King

Resource: https://www.oercommons.org/courseware/lesson/25942/overview

Description: A three task lesson plan that discusses the importance of privacy and security and how teens can better safeguard both in their online habits. The lesson includes a slide show on COPA and CIPA and guides on steps that students can take to secure their social media profiles.

Middle School Lesson Plans:

Digital Citizenship Curriculum

By: Common Sense Media

Resource: https://www.commonsense.org/education/digital-citizenship/curriculum?grades=6%2C7%2C8

Description: A set of curriculum for middle grades that explores digital citizenship, online safety, and how to determine the veracity of online information.

Digital Citizenship

By: BrainPop

Resource: https://educators.brainpop.com/lesson-plan/digital-citizenship-lesson-plan-plagiarism/

Description: BrainPop has a complete lesson plan to teach students about plagiarism. It comes with videos through BrainPop and a step by step guide on how to walk the students through the video lesson and stimulate discussion. There are extension activities provided as well.

Elementary School Lesson Plans: 

Digital Citizenship Curriculum

By: Common Sense Media

Resource: http://cybersmartcurriculum.org/digitalcitizenship/lessons/ located via Curriki.

Description: A list of curricula, videos, and activities for 2nd, 3rd, and 4th graders that discuss the basics of online safety. Topics include passwords, the power of words, and the responsibilities that come with using online media.

Digital Citizenship

By Code.org and Common Sense Media

Resource: https://code.org/curriculum/course3/20/Teacher

Description: Code.org and Common Sense Media created a lesson plan about digital citizenship and online safety that uses superhero crafts to engage the students with the material. Open-ended questions and interactive activities are described in detail and physical materials are available to download and print off.