Freedom to Read

The library supports your freedom to read and adheres closely to the values espoused in the American Library Association’s Library Bill of Rights. Students will have no restriction placed on what library materials they may check out of the library by school administrators, faculty, or staff. If a parent chooses to restrict what a student may check out from the library, this may be done via a letter to the school administration. The library will then follow the American Library Association guidelines on the matter to come to an acceptable conclusion.

Library Privacy Policy

The library will follow all guidelines of the Family Education Right to Privacy Act (FERPA) and Children’s Online Privacy and Protection Act (COPPA) in accordance with United States laws. The library retains the right to collect metadata on circulation statistics but will delete all personal circulation date for each student at the end of each school year. Personal checkout history or any other personal information collected by the library will not be shared with anyone other than the patron unless legally required and requested.

Library Collection Policy

The library will choose books and resources on a basis of inclusion rather than exclusion, choosing materials that will be of interest to our student population, provide opportunities for inquisitiveness, and promote critical thinking in today’s global and diverse society. The library will not exclude books because of their race, creed, sexuality, gender, or other minority-focused themes. Books that are able to provide factual information on their subject matter will be considered for collection in our non-fiction section. Books that promote empathy and help students learn about viewpoints that may be different from their own will be considered for inclusion in our fiction section. Books with documented literary merit will be considered for inclusion in our collection as well.