We know that widespread literacy has the power to change the world and I truly believe it is my calling to be a part of this upward cycle of literacy and social change. I see myself working in a public school where I can help children learn to love reading and become knowledgeable consumers of information.

It is an exciting time to enter the field of library science because of the rapid changes in how information is disseminated, obtained, and utilized. All over the world, especially in North America, children and adults alike are pursuing their interests, learning new skills, engaging with socio-politics, and rediscovering the joy of reading for pleasure.


Libraries are transforming from book repositories to learning commons where collaboration and innovation, as well as access to everything from seed collections, programmable robots, and digital archives to meeting spaces for activists and hobbyist alike, can be found. Today’s librarian must wear more hats than ever! This requires creativity, superb time management, and a willingness to try new things; all skills that I believe I possess.

I hope to use my knowledge of literature and libraries, combined with my experiences over the years as a nurse, a homeschool teacher, a youth work volunteer, and a library assistant to benefit my community as a school librarian.

Eryn Duffee, MLIS Student