Eryn Duffee, MLIS

Below is a Mission and Vision statement based upon the Franklin Special School District in Williamson County, TN. The original district mission can be found at the Franklin Special School District website and standards were chosen based on AASL Standards and Guidelines.

Vision Statement

“Excellence in Teaching and Learning for All”  (FSSD, 2018).

Mission and Goals

District Mission Statement

The mission of the Franklin Special School District is to foster academic, social, emotional, physical, and creative development in each student; to instill a desire to continue learning; to nurture respect for all people, and to promote responsible citizenship.

The Franklin Special School District will systematically seek to:

Develop a community of learners that emphasizes academics along with kindness, encouragement, caring, and compassion.

Provide a comprehensive array of instructional programs and experiences for students that focus on all essential areas of education and child development.

Encourage collaboration and shared decision-making involving teachers, administrators, support staff, parents, and community members.

Emphasize continuous improvement and a constant search for better ways of educating students and managing the school district in an effective and efficient manner (FSSD, 2018).

School Library Mission Statement

The mission of the FSSD library is to create an environment where students and staff can be capable users of ideas and information; where critical thinking, thoughtful research, ethical use of knowledge and a love for reading are fostered. (Standards, AASL, 2017). 

Librarian’s Mission Statement

It is my personal mission as a school librarian to foster a fervent love of reading and passion for knowledge, to protect the rights of intellectual freedom and equitable access to information of all students, and to teach students how to be thoughtful researchers and critical thinkers. Students will be granted unfettered access to the entirety of the library’s physical and digital book collection regardless of identifiers such as age, reading level, gender, race, or primary language. They will be encouraged to browse the book collections in a way that promotes curiosity and self-guided selection of reading materials. The library will be designed in a way that promotes collaboration and creative discovery through maker spaces and group work areas, while also promoting independent reading and learning with comfortable seating and quiet spaces. The library classroom will be a place to learn about how to find reliable information, provide quality citations, and share information in a wide variety of formats. The library will be a welcoming and safe place for all students to learn, discover, and be a part of their school-wide community. 



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