Snag Films

This website is a free resource that has documentaries, series, and movies that can be watched through a player within the website. Snag has a board with eight members and two managers. It is a philanthropic organization dedicated to providing informative videos for free.


The site has a multitude of animated videos on a wide variety of educational topics ranging from neurology and philosophy to bodily oddities and current events. Each video is accompanied by lessons with multiple choice questions, links for learning more about the topic, and guided discussions.

The website also makes it possible to create your own lesson plans using TED-Ed videos.


The site contains over 170 videos on various STEM and science-related topics. One such video is “What is a fractal and why is it useful?” for example. Unfortunately, K12 has ceased everyday operations and the site directs you to to watch the videos. This is problematic for schools who block Youtube from school-owned equipment and internet services.

Khan Academy

Video “chalkboard” lessons and quizzes are available on math and science subjects from kindergarten to college level. Khan Academy can teach you how to count and teach you physics. There are also lessons on test-prep and special lessons created by the Pixar animators.


The site has lessons and materials on virtually every subject in the K-12 age range. One can find lesson plans and interactive online resources for everything from sight words to high school civics lessons and upper-level STEM courses.


The interactive lessons range from math and science to English and engineering, with lessons for all grade levels. There are also online textbooks, study guides, webinars, interactive media, and they offer a teacher certification program.

New York Public Library Digital Archives

This massive collection has digital copies of photographs, artwork, documents, letters, and other ephemera. It is searchable and items can be downloaded for printing or ordered in art print size.

Nobel Prize Games

This site was created by the Nobel Prize organization. It contains nearly a dozen free to play games based upon scientific research that has been awarded the Nobel Prize. For instance, you can play a game about blood typing or about the Pavlovian response studies. It is free to use and does not require a login.


Humanities lesson plans for use in K-12 classrooms made available free from the NEH. It also has a “this day in history” feature.

National  Archives Education Resources

Resources for teachers and students from the National Archives; an excellent tool for teaching primary resources.

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