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You have just won two tickets to San Francisco for you and one lucky adult! You and your companion will fly to the San Francisco airport on May 6th and return home on May 11th. Now it’s up to you to plan the rest of your trip!


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sanfranIn order to make the most of your visit, you will need to research the city and decide what you want to do while you are there. Your flight and hotel have already been arranged as part of the prize package. You have a budget of $500 to spend on food, museum tickets, events, and transportation.

You will need to research the city online to find out what there is to do and how much each event or location you are interested in will cost. You will create an itinerary with your scheduled plans for site-seeing and a budget document showing how you will spend your money allotted for this trip.

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Find Fun Things to Do!

caroselSearch the web for information about things to do in San Francisco. Create a resource list showing where you found your information; this can be as simple as a Word document with website links. One suggestion, search for things to do with kids in San Francisco to help narrow down your results to things that you might enjoy doing.

Best Things to Do in SF with Kids

18 Things to Do in San Francisco with Kids

San Francisco Free Museums

Learn About the City!

What is the city known for? What are some culturally or historically significant locations or museums? Choose at least one to visit so that you can learn more about the city while you are there.

Encyclopedia Britannica- San Francisco

Atlas Obscura

Top 10 Historic Sites in San Francisco

Find Yummy Food to Eat!

Search for places to eat around the sites you will be visiting. Keep your budget in mind when choosing restaurants. Find out if there are any foods that the city is known for and decide if you will try them. Consider using Yelp, San Francisco for this search.

Don’t Forget Transportation!


Find out what transportation options are available in San Francisco. You will be staying in the city and likely doing all of your site-seeing within a 5-10 mile radius. What types of transportation will you use to get around and how much will it cost? What about getting there? Will you fly or drive?

Google Flights

Google Maps

San Francisco Public Transportation

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3 2 1
Fun Places to Visit Your citation list has at least three different sources about things to do in the city. You mapped out an appropriate number of things to do and decided how much time to spend at each location. You created an itinerary with too many things to do within the time allotted. You did not create an itinerary of places you want to visit in the city.
Learning About San Francisco You chose at least two places to visit that will teach you about the people and/or the history of the city. You found one place to visit that teaches you more about the city. You did not put any visits for learning more about the city’s culture or history on your itinerary.
Food You found at least one local specialty to try and keep your food spending within a budget. You found places to eat and stayed within budget but did not find any local specialties. You did not stay within budget and did not find any local foods to try.
Transportation in the City You discovered at least three ways to get around the city and made a transportation plan that works with your budget. You found one way to get around the city that works with your budget. You failed to account for transportation in your planning.
Budget You stayed within budget and allotted money for each aspect of the trip. You went over or under budget within $50 but all aspects of the trip are covered. You did not stay within budget or did not account for all necessary expenses.

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Well done! You have successfully created a travel itinerary for your trip to San Francisco! I hope that you have enjoyed planning this vacation and learning about San Francisco. What local attraction are you most excited to visit?

Now that you know how to research new locations and plan a visit, where else would you like to explore?

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For The Teacher

This WebQuest is designed to teach 5th & 6th-grade students about geography and history of San Francisco while encouraging a sense of curiosity about the world at large. Math skills such as time and money budgeting are key to the successful completion of this WebQuest and students will learn how to use the internet to research things to see and do in a city other than their own.

Lesson Plan with Standards can be found in PDF form here: big6lessonplan.

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